3000mm x 3000mm MRD Box Culverts for the Coronation Road Bridge Upgrade, Waroona


Project Overview

Coronation Road is the main connection between Waroona, Preston Beach and Lake Clifton. It will be widened and upgraded from a single lane to two lanes. This was an important regional project because not only is the road commonly used by local residents, it is also the key access route for emergency services in Waroona to reach the shire’s coastal localities.

The project will:

  • It will reduce travel time for local industry and emergency services.
  • increase commercial viability of new businesses in the area and improve tourism links
  • Importantly, the upgrade will contribute to an enhanced network of transport supporting local businesses and enabling expansion
  • Cut travelling time between Waroona and the Coastal Facilities

MJB Industries products supplied 36 x 3000mm x 3000mm x 1.20m MRDWA Box Culverts manufactured to 1597.2 and Main Roads Specification 404.

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